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Amber's All Breed Grooming

All About The Groomer

My name is Amber, I am 31 years old and I have a passion for grooming and caring for animals.

When I was little my mom showed Rough Collies, they became my start into what I am doing now. I went to some Junior Handling Classes and learned about breed standards and how to groom dogs accordingly to breed and the proper handling of most breeds and temperaments.

I've been grooming for about 13 years now, always learning, which is what makes grooming a great thing to do, you never stop learning! Just like they say no two people are the same, same goes for pets, no two dogs are the same, I read how the pet is feeling, and I work with how they feel, if a dog is nervous I may sit there and allow him to relax and to know I'm not out to hurt him but to help. I never rush a groom as most groomers tend to do because they work with a mass amount of pets that come in all at once, I know the key to making every groom great you must take your time and get everything right and to be able to build a bond with each pet(some pets may take longer then others to win over but we get there eventually.

I took a course through ICS Canada for dog grooming, Providing me more knowledge then what I had, and received a Grooming Certificate. The course provided me with the Intel on different cuts, and how to perfect some of the ones I already knew. Also taught me more on how to handle aggressive and nervous dogs, and how to safely groom cats. During the course I was being taught by a professional groomer the finer aspects.

I have always had a passion for animals, whether its dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or birds there's nothing more then having a pet you love and care about. And I know that to provide your pet with a stress free, positive grooming is to work at your pets pace and provide excellent service and care every time.

Your Groomer is the one who spends a lot of time on the finer details, they may find something like a skin rash or a infection of some kind and inform you the owner about any health issues found. Many vets say that the key to a pets overall health starts at the groomer.