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Amber's All Breed Grooming

Unleash your cats inner Lion!

Is your cat looking warm? getting lumps of fur all over, or just shedding alot? We have a solution for you!

We can do lion shaves, modified lion shaves, full shaves(where we leave only head and feet regular length) and bath/brush outs. 

Lion shaves and modified lion shaves consist of shaving majority of the fur off the body, we can leave a nice full mane, little to no mane, full tail, poof at the end of the tail, and complete shave of the tail. 

( No fur on the face and feet can be shaved due to sensitive whiskers cats have. )

Are your cats nails getting long, stuck in clothing, furniture, or clicking on the floor? Get them trimmed!

Cats need nail trims just like dogs and ourselves! Cats nails grow in layers causing them to sometimes get really thick and even grow into the pad of their foot, that can be very painful and may result in a costly vet visit.

Trimming cats nails on a regular basis will help keep them from getting caught in something when you are not around and possibly ripping the nail right out(it happens trust me ive seen it)

Nail trims are $7 at my location and $30 and up if i come to you.

What is involved in a cat groom?

First step to every cat groom is to clip those sharp claws, this protects us if kitty decides that it wants to swipe at us, also ensures kitty will not get caught on anything during the groom. We then start the shave/brush depending on which service we are doing. 

We use high quality shavers and blades to ensure a safe cut, we avoid using clippers and blades not meant for cats because they can cause you to snag the skin or pull the fur out instead of cutting it. Our blades are kept sharp and clippers maintained regularly to ensure our equipment is running smooth and properly. There are only two lengths for cats, #10 blade which leaves 1.5mm of fur left and the #7 blade which leaves 3.2mm of fur. We use our judgement on length depending on the cat and if any matts are present, this is to ensure a safe and reliable cut for all cats. 

Once we have the bulk of the fur off the cat we will either do a wet bath or waterless, we will decide which bath would be best for your kitty, if kitty is showing any signs of stress we will use a waterless shampoo which is designed for cats and wipes on and off easily, if we are able to do a wet bath we use top quality shampoos safe for cats, we also have the option of a hypoallergenic shampoo in case you or kitty has any allergies. 

From the bath we will do a good blow dry and ear cleaning, some cats may take longer to dry then others depending on their coat, behaviour and tolerance to being blow dried, some cats may only be able to be partly dried and rest towel dried and brushed well. we use heat pads to keep damp kitties warmer as well, because being comfortable is our goal as well as keeping the groom as positive as possible.

Cat Grooming Prices

Cats start at $60+ for a well maintained coat with little to no matts, price may go up for severe matts and behaviour, these prices are for lion trims, shave downs, nails and ear cleaning.


Bath and blow dry service starts at $80+ for a complete bath and blow dry, nails and ear cleaning. We will not demat a cat due to the pain it would cause the animal.(may remove up to 2 small matts either by cutting or shaving out)

Just needing nail trims? if you come to me nail trims are $7, travel starts at $30.