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Amber's All Breed Grooming

Grooming Rates And Services

At Ambers All Breed Grooming you will be getting a groomer whos sole focus is your pet, I do not work like a high volume salon, I take one pet at a time, no kennels, no extra stress! When you choose to use me as your groomer you are choosing a groomer with a passion for pets and their well being. 

All prices listed are based on a full groom, decent condition coat and up to two shampoos per pet (depending on dirtiness)

All grooms include: bath, brush, hand blow dry, nails, ears, and a shave/trim

○ Advise me ahead if pet may have fleas and ticks, fleas are a additional $50 charge in my home, per pet, in your home flea fee is $20 extra per pet.

○ All grooms have the option to use any shampoo I have, there is no premium shampoo fee unlike other salons!, I can choose one that will benefit your dogs skin and coat, if your pet has no skin issues you may choose the one you like or feel your pet needs. 

 We accept most forms of payments, please inquire.

All taxes are included in the pricing, there is additional fee for debit and credit.

All prices below are a general price guideline and prices are subject to change due to work required. 

$50-60 Dog breeds all really short hair minimal grooming required

○ Chihuahua

○ Pug

○ Boston Terrier

○ Jack Russell Terrier

○ Dachshund

$60-70 Dog Breeds

○ Pomeranian

○ Beagle

○ Bichon Frise

○ Havanese

○ Shih Tzu

○ Boxer

○ Bulldog

○ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

○ Yorkshire Terrier

○ Miniature Poodle\Toy

○ Maltese

○ Miniature Schnauzer

○ West Highland White Terrier

○ American Eskimo

○ German Shorthaired Pointer

○ Shiba Inu

○ Chinese Shar-Pei

○ Welsh Corgi

○ Doberman Pinscher

○ Cocker Spaniel 

$70-80 Dog Breeds   

○ Rhodesian Ridgeback

○ Labrador Retriever

○ Weimaraner

○ Rottweiler

○ Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

○ German Shepherd

○ Golden Retriever

○ English Springer Spaniel

○ Australian Shepherd

○ Border Collie

○ Irish Setter

○ Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

○ Clumber Spaniel

○ Great Dane

○ Small Labradoodles/Goldendoodles

$90-150 Dog Breeds 

○ Kerry Blue Terrier

○ Standard Schnauzer

○ Siberian Husky

○ Keeshond

○ Mastiff

○ English Setter

○ Norwegian Elkhound

○ Medium Labradoodles/Goldendoodles

○ Giant Schnauzer

○ Standard Poodle

○ Akita

○ Alaskan Malamute

○ Bernese Mountain Dog

○ Bouvier des Flandres

○ Newfoundland

○ Old English Sheepdog

○ Rough Collie

○ Samoyed

○ Great Pyrenees

○ Saint Bernard

○ Large Labradoodles/Goldendoodles 

Cancellation/cannot groom (due to; bites, cannot catch) ect, Fee: $30+ for time booked under 24 hr notice any missed appointments will be required to pre pay for next service 

Some Prices may change due to severe matting, coat condition or size, all prices listed are for optimal coat conditions(not severely matted). 

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