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Amber's All Breed Grooming

Pet sitting Rates 

Pet Sitting Dogs :

No Travel for dog sitting, must be in my home.

What is included in the dog sitting? 

At our facility we have a 100 foot by 150 foot (15,000 sq feet!) fully fenced in 6 foot tall area for dogs to run and play! a must see! Dogs will be able to go on nature walks, and walks throughout the property, as well as through town! We may offer training sessions as well in the future! 

Please ensure your dog in on a leash upon arrival, we do have some livestock on the premises 

All dogs are provided with fresh water daily, feeding schedules, lots of cuddles, play in our fully fenced play yard, home environment, daily walks, All dogs are only on leash on any walks for the dogs safety and security.

Owner must provide a leash, collar or harness, enough food for the stay (if none or not enough the cost of extra will apply to bill) Owner has option to supply toys, dishes, bed/blanket and a kennel or crate if they need. All dogs must be up to date on vaccines and recommended  to be protected against kennel cough. 

Prices: Per Pet, Dog,

 XL breeds or dogs requiring special care may be more.

Day/Night $30 (anything under 7 days) 1 Week: $150; 2 Weeks $300; 3 Weeks $450 1 Month $600

Medicine/supplements may have additional fee

Medicated bathes or grooming/brushing required during pets stay will be a additional  fee depending on what is required, size and condition 


Pet Sitting Cats:

What is included in a cats stay?

All cats will receive one on one attention, have a secluded cat area if the cat doesn't get along with others, access to scratching posts and cardboard scratchers, lots of toys, catnip if owners approve. No cats are permitted outside for any reason. Cats will get daily or every second day brushing if cat allows, lots of cuddles and one on one time.

Upcoming 2020, Large outdoor catio! fully fenced in, your cat can enjoy the sunshine and summer breeze while watching birds and other critters.

Owner must provide some litter and enough food for the whole stay, if not provided the cost of extra will apply.

Prices Per Pet

day/night $15(anything under 7 days) 1 Week $80; 2 Weeks $160; 3 Weeks $240; 4 Weeks $320

Medicine/supplements $5 per administration 


Pet Sitting Small Animals:

$10 for day/night per pet, For in my home only.

Owner must provide

○ shavings

○ litter

○ food

○ treats

○ toys

○ water bottle

○ fresh veggies (stays over a week will need to pay $15 per week for additional veggies to maintain fresh stock)

○ extra blankets(if going shavingless) When going shavingless there is a extra laundry fee of $10 per week, We will wash all dirty blankets every few days/Week depending on how many provided.

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