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Amber's All Breed Grooming

Got a small critter that needs some extra care?

We groom guinea pigs and rabbits! and also offer nail trims to other small animals as well(may require owner to hold their pet for nail trims) 

Thats right you read correctly we groom small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits!

Cost for grooming is very fair, and most children can afford to bring their furry critter in for a spa day!

Guinea pigs are only $30 for the full grooming, includes nails, a trim/shave, bath and blow dry. We use only small animal safe shampoos for critter bathes and handle them with utmost care.

Rabbits range in price from $30 for a minor brush out, nails and wipe down.

A bath for a rabbit is not recommended unless absolutely necessary as it can cause unnecessary stress on them. If a bath is needed the price is $80 and up includes the nails as well as a blow dry and brush. 

Travel service is a extra $30 and up depending on distance, if you are in a apartment, parking issues ect.